Electro muscle stimulation
ems electroestimulation


What is electro muscle stimulation?

What we can say about EMS?

Everybody knows this therapy because of all the advantages which this brings to their followers. This technique consists of many varied as well as different exercises that let us strengthen our body through the generation of electric current which stimulates the motor end plate. Resulting in an easy way of making muscle taking into account the quantity of time as well as effort required under ordinary circumstances.

This therapy is so popular actually. The origin of this technique dates back to 1761, though. When an italian scientist set this fact: electric current activates the muscles.

Electro muscle stimulation benefits

Although the benefits of EMS are uncountable, it is especially known due to the facility in order to strengthen our muscles in a short period of time without a big effort and with easy outstanding results.

Its appeal is even bigger, if we think about the importance of our health as well as image. And the less time we have for ourselves nowadays, because of the big part of time required by the rest of our occupations.

In other words, this form of exercise lets us strengthen in a short period of time. However, our coaches play an essential role turning this task easier for us with their help and support. Not to mention the high quality equipment which we offer to our customers.

Nevertheless, to increase muscle mass is not the only objective which this therapy looks for and we are going to mention some of them. Moreover, the most highlighted benefits that EMS must have on us are the following ones. For example :

2.1. It is so beneficial as well as effective in terms of rehabilitation after sports injuries.

2.2. EMS prevents us from muscular atrophy.

2.3. This therapy helps us in order to strengthen the pelvic floor, an essential part of our body so recommended to keep trained in order to solve problems related to urinary incontinence (a very common problem in women of a determined age, in particular after giving birth). Apart from this, it is so effective in order to get better women’s sexual function (something important which forms part of our health too).

2.4. Finally, but not less important. EMS plays an important role in a cosmetic way, due to the fact that it promotes fast toning in many parts of our body and especially in one of them: the buttocks.

Electroestimulation from a cosmetic point of view (effects on the buttocks)

It is said that EMS has a cosmetic purpose because it promotes the increase of collagen in a natural manner.

Furthermore, this helps us a lot in order to keep a younger aspect reducing strongly wrinkles localized on the top of our face.

As we have already commented, EMS is the right choice in terms of fast as well as easy toning in a short period of time taking place in many parts of our body and the buttocks are not an exception. Apart from this, it contributes to fat reduction as well as cellulitis control (near to achieve its disappearance).

To sum up, EMS guarantees real results in a short time but it is essential to have a healthy diet accompanied by a daily exercise routine, if you want a radical change in your buttocks appearance and achieving a more aesthetic as well as volumizing effect on this part of our body.