4 pieces of fitness equipment you need for your electrical muscle stimulation workout
Entrenamiento electroestimulacion


It can be an exciting time when you decide that you’re going to begin electrical stimulation workout sessions. The effective training method has become one of the most popular methods for losing weight, toning your body and rebalancing your muscles. Before you begin your electrical muscle stimulation training, there are a few basic pieces of equipment that you need to acquire in order to be prepared for the workout. While all on our list are not necessary, they will certainly make a difference in your experience and ensure that you get the most out of your training session.

4 pieces of fitness equipment you need for your electrical muscle stimulation workout

#1 EMS Machine

An EMS bodysuit is a must-have piece of ‘equipment’ for a full-body experience and for the maximum benefits and results. EMS bodysuits don’t have wires connected to them, allowing you to more freely engage in your exercises. It’s wireless capability also means that you can train wherever you like – it doesn’t have to be cooped up in a studio on a beautiful day.

The suit is fitted with electrodes which target and stimulate major muscle fibres in the body, providing over 100 times more muscle contractions than with conventional exercise. Many suits also contain a pulse generator which connects to an app and allows your physical trainer to control the intensity of your electrodes and target it according to your capabilities and goals.

#2 Weights

Weights, on their own, are an effective tool for toning the body, maintaining flexibility and balance and of course, building muscles. There are a number of exercises that you can do with weights, all of which can be done with an EMS bodysuit or some type of EMS device.

For people who want to focus on toning and reducing fat on their abdomen, strength training with weights is an effective method, especially when done with an EMS bodysuit. Contrary to what many people believe, strength training for women does not make them become bulky (you’ll need to spend days constantly lifting weights for this to happen).

#3 Resistance bands

Unlike weights, resistance bands are lightweight, making them a great alternative for transporting to your training location. Resistance bands help you to focus your control on the band which is great for you both physically and mentally during the exercise as it aids your engagement throughout the session. With the resistance band, your muscles are also under constant tension, improving the quality of each rep.

Resistance bands are also great for beginners of EMS training as well as they teach people the general movements you need to do in order to target specific muscle groups allowing users to learn more about their body and what exercises align with their goals.

#4 Exercise mat

Although not mandatory, an exercise mat gives you a number of different opportunities to safely engage in exercises. With a mat, you can protect your joints (especially your tender knees) and back from the hard ground while doing sit-ups, leg-ups, push-ups and any other exercises that require the use of the floor as a pressure point.

If you’re just starting out, an exercise mat helps with ground modifications for people who cannot execute the full version of a particular exercise.

We hope that our recommendations help you to prepare for your first electrical musical stimulation workout. We know that the training sessions and fitness equipment are certainly an investment of time and money, however, EMS training is incredibly effective and is suitable for a variety of physicalities.