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Dispositivos ems

EMS Power Packs

Designed to give you maximum freedom

Our power packs have the latest technology in generation, conditioning and signal processing for EMS. Our multi-generator system allows us to create impulses in a controlled and safe manner of all types of waves, with higher performance and lower energy consumption.

EMS Suits

Maximum freedom of movement

Our suits allow the athlete to carry out all kinds of training with the greatest control and comfort in their movements, helping to achieve the best results.

EMS Software

Optimize results

Our software has an application that controls all the training parameters and functionalities of each power pack quickly and intuitively. Before starting the training, you can configure the application and link each of the power packs to have maximum control in training. The application will automatically store all the information related to the client and the training. The trainer will be able to access the metrics and analyze the performance of each client.