The Best Route to Fitness for 2021?

EMS Personal Trainer

Is Lazy Pandas’ Club Mobile EMS Personal Trainer the Best Route to Fitness for 2021? A new year brings new goals and the opportunity to create a new you. Across the world, millions of people make resolutions to be healthier, become more physically active and generally, improve their lifestyles. Anyone who’s made a New Year’s […]

4 pieces of fitness equipment you need for your electrical muscle stimulation workout

Entrenamiento electroestimulacion

It can be an exciting time when you decide that you’re going to begin electrical stimulation workout sessions. The effective training method has become one of the most popular methods for losing weight, toning your body and rebalancing your muscles. Before you begin your electrical muscle stimulation training, there are a few basic pieces of […]

Advantages of using EMS applied to training

The use of EMS technology, combined with specific exercises, can stimulate a greater number of muscle fibers through electrical impulses that, unlike traditional methods, can be applied to our routine of comprehensive training, functional training. The basics of this method is that EMS allows us to induce the most important muscle groups to passive work […]

Benefits of EMS


IS EMS USEFUL TO LOSE WEIGHT? Weight loss occurs when there is a caloric deficit so when more calories are burned than calories are ingested. EMS is an active gymnastics supplement that makes the muscles burn more energy through the activation of the muscle fibers. We can then conclude that EMS is useful to lose […]

Electro muscle stimulation

ems electroestimulation

What is electro muscle stimulation? What we can say about EMS? Everybody knows this therapy because of all the advantages which this brings to their followers. This technique consists of many varied as well as different exercises that let us strengthen our body through the generation of electric current which stimulates the motor end plate. […]