HOME training

We go to your place to train you!


studio sessions
19 Athernston Mews | SW7 5BX

London UK

home session / Greater London

opening hours

monday – friday
06am – 09pm
08am – 03pm

Qualified Personal Trainer

fully tailored and for all ages and fitness levels


fully tailored for you

Time effective

Only in 25 minutes of exercise

Not much space needed

Only 3 sqm per customer needed

Lose weight

Results after 4 sessions

Postnatal recovery

Flat tummy in record time

Toning & shaping

Fit inside and outside

Muscle gain

Whole body

Injury training

Easy on the joints

All ages

Fully tailored according to your needs

choose who come

tell us if you want us to come to you, or you want to come to us