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Train with EMS in Marbella

Lazy Pandas' Club

After the success in London and Madrid Lazy Pandas’ Club has landed in Marbella. 

Our main goal is to show La Costa del Sol the effectiveness of our fitness method.

Our training method uses EMS “Electric Muscle Stimulation” technology combined with skilled personal training, providing an accelerated fitness solution to all ages and fitness levels.

We train you wherever is more convenient for you in Puerto Banus and surroundings. Only a space of 3 sqm is needed.

Sessions last 35 minutes divided in three different programmes: i) 25’ active body toning, ii) 5’ fat burn and iii) 5’ pain relief. The first 25 minutes are equivalent to a 90’ full body workout in the gym.   

The Team

Pau Crespo

After two years doing his training programme in London’s headquarters Pau is in charge of leading the Marbella project and making the team grow.

Pau is a master EMS trainer. Since he started at Lazy Pandas’ Club Pau has trained hundreds of people in London. He is very knowledgeable and therefore a real EMS believer. He has a unique charisma which helps a lot during the “getting in shape” process. 


Which are the main EMS benefits?

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Lazy Pandas' Club

Do not wait anymore. Let us show you what EMS can do for you. It is the most effective and tailored method in the fitness world.